COVID -19 Policies

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Sydenham Veterinary Services COVID-19 Social Distancing Protocol


Please do not visit our hospital if you are experiencing ANY symptoms of illness. We want to continue to provide excellent care for you pets, and in order to do so, we need to stay healthy. We work very closely with each other and your pets and any illness can spread very easily in this environment. 

Please do not visit the clinic within 2 weeks of any travel without prior notification so we can determine if it is safe for you to visit. 

Reduced Appointment Availability

All mobile/home visit appointments are temporarily unavailable. 

Routine wellness appointments will be limited going forward. We will focus our energies and resources on sick animals during this period. The exception would be puppies or kittens who require crucial and timely vaccines. 

One Pet, One Person Policy

 If your pet is unwell or requires immediate attention, we ask that only one HEALTHY person brings your pet to the appointment. If both you and your pet are unwell or have been around others who are not well, you must call the clinic and inform us so we can accommodate your visit and determine if we are able to safely treat your pet. We may be able to provide a consultation with the veterinarian via email or phone to get your pet the treatment they require. This will be decided on a case by case basis. 

We want to eliminate groups of people gathering in the reception area. We may ask clients to wait in their vehicle until the previous client has left before entering the building. Please be patient as this will take more time to manage people safely and efficiently. Consider calling us from your car when you arrive in our parking lot and we can help meet your needs in this fashion. 

Prescription medications and diets

Our supplier has placed limits on the volume of medication and prescription diets we can order and we in turn will limit sales to ensure we are able to provide necessary supplies to all our clients. 

A few other things to consider

We will be taking appropriate precautions like not shaking hands/hugging and washing our hands MORE frequently than normal. Do not take offense if we are wearing masks and/or gloves. We will increase our already rigorous standards of infection control and disinfect all surfaces (including counters, keyboards, phones, point of sale machines, handle/knobs) between clients and patients. 

To date, there is no evidence that cats and dogs can contract COVID-19 and then infect humans.  Further information can be found at: